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Meet Miss Nicolina

A Business Owner, Brand Ambassador and Digital Marketing Consultant living on the East Coast of Australia.

Nicolina Wroblewski, known as ‘Miss Nicolina’, is a digital marketing consultant, social media influencer, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and writer.

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, she is the CEO and founder of a digital marketing agency and owner of a local beauty business established from the ground-up.

Her specialties are: social media strategy, Facebook marketing, front-end website design, WordPress blogs and building online communities.

In 2015, Nicolina was accepted into the Hootsuite professional community as an Ambassador for the Asia-Pacific Region. She uses her expertise in this software to educate business and brands in best practices for managing and growing social media accounts.

Her main goal is to simplify social media for business owners and is dedicated to helping them maximise results from their online marketing efforts.

Facebook Live recording April 2017 via YouTube

“Authenticity helps people understand who you are and what you value. This is essential to building trust and credibility in all relationships.”

-Nicolina Wroblewski

I’m a Mom first, who loves keeping active and healthy with my little man in this beautiful place I like to call ‘Aussie Land’. When I’m not running around after the little fella, I consult for business and brands (and bands!) — to help them with their digital marketing goals.

I come from good Polish stock, with a matching tongue-twister family name…hence “Miss Nicolina” on social. It’s just easier.

What isn’t easy is keeping up with technology and how quickly the next generation is adopting everything digital. My 6 year-old has been using iOS devices for several years already and digital learning forms a regular part of his schooling. He’s even decided he’s going to be a games designer!

As parents and educators we want to help children learn within a safe digital environment, so we need to be digital savvy as well. In business, we must be online and up to speed because that’s where our customers are.

My point here is that if you aren’t using social media already, you should be! — and I can help you with that transition.