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  • Think to Win Book

Good Reads No 2: Think To Win

Today’s read is from one of my favourite business books, “Think To Win” (TTW). I often look to this book for inspiration when I’m embarking on a new project or generally needing some guidance in

  • 10 Books Every Marketer Needs

10 Must-Read Social Media Marketing Books

Get Into These Great Books

A great social media manager needs a wide variety of skills, apart from the technical knowledge to carry out the ‘social media managing’. Relationship building, connecting with the right influencers, creating

Good Reads No 1: Twenty Top Shelf Titles

I’m excited to start this “Good Reads” series of posts on my blog today!

Expect to see snippets from books/articles/stories I’m currently reading and where I draw my inspiration from for my own writing. Topics will

Pure joy, pure child

We all start out like this.

Full of joy, even about the smallest things like brushing our teeth. Putting on our own socks can be both a frustration and a

Will you journey with me?

I believe in people.
People who share their knowledge and experience openly.
People who create opportunities for others without needing reward.
People who say what they mean and people who act.

These are the people with whom I want

My First Post

I am so happy to finally start my very own blog. While I have been curating content and writing short pieces of content for several years, this is the first time I have dedicated a