Pinterest ups it’s game with new layout and features

////Pinterest ups it’s game with new layout and features
Have you seen the latest changes to the Pinterest layout yet? It’s unclear how many users this latest update has been rolled out to, however it’s now being seen across Australia.
It’s definitely cleaner: your Profile takes centre stage and is now larger than life; Board titles and text are bigger and easier to read across the ‘board’ (pardon the pun) and there’s more white-space between elements.
Large ‘gear’ and ‘pencil’ icons to denote settings and edits available for each screen element is a lot more like the Facebook Page interface. This does make some sense since business users on Pinterest do generally already communicate through a Facebook Page.
The new layout also shows 3 sample images from a board in each board Cover, which gives users a more immediate idea of what pinned content is contained within.
Earlier this month it was confirmed on the Pinterest Blog that native video will be coming soon to Pinterest, so perhaps some of these UX changes are in line with making video integrate nicely from a user perspective, when it becomes available.


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