• How To Reach a Second Screen Audience

How Brands Can Reach a Second Screen Audience

We are certainly living in the era of multi-tasking. With mobile phones or tablets always within reach, we are taking it to new heights multi-tasking *entertainment and leisure activities while browsing on our phones. 😉😇 85% of internet users surf the web while watching TV *Source: eMarketer 2016 Using a mobile device while watching television has been coined as "second screen" and will continue to grow in popularity over the

  • Facebook Slideshow

Grab attention with these new features from Facebook Slideshow

We all know that visual content is the best way to capture the attention of your audience. Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. Source: Kissmetrics Facebook Slideshow is an eye-catching way to easily showcase products and get your message across using still images. This tool is particularly useful for free-lancers and small business owners who may not have the time and budget to

Blab is dead…long live Blab.

As stated by CEO of Blab, Shaan Puri on Medium yesterday: “Today is the last day of Blab. We’re shutting down the website and app, and focusing 100% on our new project.” Now when you visit the blab.im website you'll see the following message: It makes you wonder what went wrong when the application saw such huge growth after it was launched in April 2015. Users weren't the problem, it

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Pinterest ups it’s game with new layout and features

Have you seen the latest changes to the Pinterest layout yet? It's unclear how many users this latest update has been rolled out to, however it's now being seen across Australia. It's definitely cleaner: your Profile takes centre stage and is now larger than life; Board titles and text are bigger and easier to read across the 'board' (pardon the pun) and there's more white-space between elements. Large 'gear' and