Why Should I Fear?

////Why Should I Fear?
  • Why should I fear?

“Behind me is infinite power. Before me is endless possibility. Around me is boundless opportunity. Why should I fear?”

– Stella Stuart

Around Me is Boundless Opportunity

It’s all about perspective. Do you face change or challenges with fear or as a natural part of your evolutionary journey?

If you direct your thinking towards recognising each of these points as an opportunity, it opens up your life to multiple possibilities for happiness and fulfillment.

Opportunity Recognition

Not only is Opportunity Recognition (OR) an important life skill, it is an important component of the entrepreneurial process. Practicing creative thinking, asking questions and exploring inventive solutions makes you better equipped to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Because you are seeing opportunities everywhere rather than problems, you act faster, avoiding procrastination and time lost to fear of a situation. Being agile and more aware of prospects puts you ahead in life and business, giving you the competitive edge.

Opportunity Recognition

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Read more about OR and how it can be learned, in this article by Amy Rosen on Entrepreneur.

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